About us

Welcome to ASA Meditech, trusted partner for IT, HR, quality and safety, 3D modelling, medical program development, and hospital planning in the healthcare sector
Our commitment to quality is evident in our business approach, from product offerings to customer service. We prioritize sourcing advanced medical products at competitive prices, facilitating cost-effective healthcare services.

Understanding the need for reliable and efficient service in healthcare, ASA Meditech is dedicated to timely, accurate order fulfilment by our experienced professionals.
We offer comprehensive solutions based on medical briefs and preliminary designs, including:
  1. Functional and Medical Programme of Work: Our health economists develop functional medical programmes tailored to your specific needs.
  2. Technological Design and Technical Specification: Leveraging the latest advancements, we provide detailed technological designs and specifications.
  3. Generic Technical Specification for Procurement: We assist in creating specifications for procurement requests, ensuring alignment with your project’s goals.
  4. List of Medical Equipment and Furniture with Quotation: Our team compiles a comprehensive list of required equipment and furniture, complete with competitive quotations.
  5. Room Requirement List (Room by Room): We meticulously plan room requirements, ensuring optimal space utilization and efficiency.
  6. Design of Workflow (3D Animated): Our innovative approach includes 3D animated workflow designs for enhanced operational understanding.
  7. IT Design and Quotation: We specialize in IT solutions (HIS, RIS, PACS, LIS, patient infotainment), providing comprehensive design and quotation services.
  8. HR Structure Mapping: Our HR experts design organizational structures, designing an incentive compensation package by the business plan and aligning with international standards and hospital process requirements.
  9. Internal Quality System Development: We focus on designing and developing robust internal quality systems, adhering to high standards.
  10. Capacity Planning and Forecasting: Our business analysts are skilled in capacity planning, ensuring efficient and sustainable operations.

Our team, including experts in medical technology, HR, quality and safety, and IT systems, is committed to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.

At ASA Meditech, we align our success with that of our customers, offering unparalleled service and support. Our team is always available to assist with product selection, ordering, or any other service aspects.

Our projects

ASA Hospital Sarajevo

ASA Hospital

The establishment of the first private general hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ASA Hospital, is a project that defined us and enabled us to develop our business infrastructure and a platform for developing a cost-effective structure for the provision of ambulatory and hospital healthcare services.

Eurofarm Center Goražde

Eurofarm Center Goražde

We provided comprehensive consulting services for the development of functional and medical program workflows. Our team focused on designing technological solutions and technical specifications, ensuring top-quality outcomes for this renowned medical center.

Eurofarm Center Ilidža

Eurofarm Center Ilidža

Our involvement at Eurofarm Center Ilidza included the creation of a detailed list of medical equipment and furniture, along with competitive quotations. We effectively combined our medical technology expertise with cost-effective procurement strategies to enhance the center's capabilities.

Eurofarm Center Vareš

Eurofarm Center Vareš

In Eurofarm Center Vareš, our consultancy extended to the design of efficient workflow processes, including 3D animated modeling. This innovative approach has significantly improved the operational efficiency and patient experience at the center.

Eurofarm Center Visoko

Our team at Eurofarm Center Visoko excelled in implementing an IT design and quotation plan, encompassing AIS, RIS, PACS, LIS, and patient infotainment systems. This integration of cutting-edge technology has propelled the center to the forefront of medical IT solutions.

Poliklinika Unitic Sarajevo

Eurofarm Center Unitic

At Eurofarm Center Unitic, we played a pivotal role in designing and developing an Internal Quality System. Our quality and safety experts ensured that the system adhered to international standards, enhancing both the operational quality and safety at the center.

Eurofarm Bugojno

Eurofarm Center Bugojno

Our consultancy at Eurofarm Center Bugojno was marked by the strategic planning and forecasting of capacities. Our health economists and business analysts collaborated to optimize the center's operations, paving the way for future growth and sustainability.

Our partners

Some of our partners in the field of information technology, design, planning and management of hospitals are:

Medical University of Vienna International-


The Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI) envisions itself as a leading international healthcare consultation group that consistently provides high-performance management, knowledge transfer, and academic medicine solutions in emerging provider markets.


The FlexSim HC healthcare simulation environment allows you to analyze every facet of your patient flow and evaluate how potential changes will impact your healthcare system—all in a patient-centered virtual environment. The solutions you find will be accurate and will help your healthcare organization be as efficient as possible.


is Global Health Software Company and one of the largest in the world. Dedalus employs more than 6,600 highly skilled qualified people; it has the largest software R&D team in the industry in Europe representing the 38% of the overall workforce. Thanks to our portfolio of leading next-generation solutions, Dedalus covers the entire spectrum of the continuum of care, and today we support over 6,300 healthcare organizations and 5,700 labs and diagnostic centers.

Our partners in the field of medical equipment and medical consumables


Sanitex is manufacturer of medical devices, sanitary and hygiene products in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Saniteks is continuously investing in business development processes and new technologies. Good manufacturing practices (GMP) and Good laboratory practices (GLP) are being implemented in all production, sterilization and quality control processes. The application of modern business principles and the exceptional quality of our products are the foundation of establishing our position as leading manufacturer of medical devices in the region.


Nitrocare was established in 2009 on the purpose of producing hospital furnitures and medical equipment within the body of Gökler Group, which spreads from Sivas to Turkey, from Turkey to the world step by step and has been serving for over 20 years in the sector. Nitrocare managed to rank among the leader producers in the sector, by increasing its production capacity day by day with its high technology machine park at 60.000m2 indoor areas.


Having a large product range to meets all the needs in all departments of hospital in addition to this we do hospital projects which we can provide turnkey solutions for the Central Sterile Supply Departments, Patient Rooms, Morgue Departments, Anatomy Laboratories, Endoscopic Examination Rooms and Operating Theatres with our high-quality production, best serviceability, and competitive price policy.


Tekno-Medical Optik-Chirurgie GmbH has evolved since the very beginning in the year 1976 into a worldwide operating company in the field of medical technology. Health is our passion. The entire product range covers all instruments for the standard surgery and endoscopy, as well as for a great variety of special disciplines. 

Our team

Elvedin Talić

Elvedin Talić, BEE

General Manager

Mr. Sc. Enes Hatibović

Consultant - IT technologies

Rasim Jusufović

Prof. Rasim Jusufović, MD, PhD

Consultant - Health Economics

Meša Selimović

Meša Selimović, BSc, CPA

Finance expert

LL.M. Adnan Bilić, MA One Health

Quality and Safety expert

Dipl. ing, Vesna Buvarović MBA

Human Resources and organization expert

Mirha Jahić

Mirha Jahić – Master of Pharmacy mr.ph.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical disposables

Timur Kuskunović

Timur Kuskunović, Bachelor of Science, BSc

Simulation Modeling and Analysis

Muamer Jahić

Muamer Jahić – Electrical energy technician

Hospital installations



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71000 Sarajevo, BiH


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